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2014 Here We Come!

Written by Alex

Dear friends,

Happy New Year! We wish you All an extraordinary 2014, plenty of inspiration and as many movies.

2014 - Here We Come!

In this very beginning of the new year we have so much to cheer about.

Starting by the productions completed last year.

We have hosted some of the most feverishly expected Millennium productions of 2014: “The Legend of Hercules” (dir. Renny Harlin), “Eliza Graves”(dir. Brad Anderson;), “Autómata”, “Expendables 3” (dir. Patrick Hughes).

We have also had the pleasure of making some new friends, very exciting to work with. Projects such as the second sequel of the cult japanese comedy” “Thermae Romae II”( Fuji Television Network), and the action crime series “CROSSING LINES Season 2”, Germany/France (TANDEM COMMUNICATIONS & STUDIOCANAL & TF1) gave us great occasions to work with exceptional and talented professionals in the worldwide film industry, to share in their visions, and to fulfill their most demanding artistic wishes.

As for our production facilities, in 2013 our back lot capacity reached another turning point! Already being spotted by producers and filmmakers for our unique New York set and its economical cost, the biggest Roman set in the world is already here, in Sofia. Completed in April last year, this massive extension of the set fills 14 000 sq m. and offers a wide possibility for production needs. Roman street, open Thermae with fountains, central city square, 2 coliseums, one reaching 25m high with a capacity for 5000 extras, garden, baths, villas, temples, narrow streets and alleys, open market, training quarters and a variety of practical interiors – everything is here with which to raise an Empire.

2013 was also a time to be particularly proud of our recent accomplishments.

Starting with Kon-Tiki (completed in 2011) – , which hit hard with its Oscar-and Golden Globes nomination this year. On the other side, “Expendables 2” and “Olympus has fallen”, became box office explosions. The British sitcom “Plebs” (Rise Comedy) turned into the most successful sitcom launched in England for the last 14 years.

So thank you, dear 2013! You were a very generous year, marked by creativity, challenge and success.

Drear friends, let’s make it double this year!

2014, here we come!*

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