Our in-house SFX department offers a huge range of facilities and workshops. Our team includes experienced professionals, creative young people and a wide selection of freelance technicians, with a variety of specialist fields of expertise.

Our manufacturing workshops use the latest procedures and machinery, as well as tried and trusted methods that have been used to create many stunning effects over the years. But we’re especially proud of the broad range of skills we’ve developed, including a vast repertoire of effects techniques, delivered with meticulous care, professionalism and attention to detail. These include on-set services such as atmospheric effects, mechanical and practical effects, rigging for stunts, special make up effects and much more.

For more than a decade we’ve been creating all kinds of weird and wonderful things for the film, TV, and advertising industries. Trust us to bring your ideas to life.

SFX Workshops

Vacuum forming: We can deliver a huge amount of items from ABS plastic in a very short time and produce specially designed bricks, tiles, helmets, shields and much more as you need them.

Special effects make-up lab: We sculpt, mold and cast all manner of silicone/latex prosthetics as well as designing and applying ‘bondo’ prosthetics and tattoos. We can also provide all kinds of bodies and body parts ranging in quality from basic low-cost designs to hyper realistic creations, depending on your budget.

Mold shop: Our molds built from silicone and resin can be made to any shape to create whatever your imagination can dream up. 

Breakaway shop: There are very many of types of breakaway bottles, glasses and windows and we’ve made just about all of them over the years.

Model making shop: Our experts design and make all types of models from intricate miniatures to large scale designs and 1:1 scale models and props.

Mechanical shop: We have a wide variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, or simple mechanical rigs on site, according to the demands of the production.

Foam shop: Lightweight, durable and cost-effective, we’ve made caves, trees, furniture and many more items from this highly flexible material.