Our extensive filmmaking history means we have a huge wardrobe with costumes spanning almost every era and virtually every corner of the globe. We can take you back to prehistory, help you settle a European village in the Middle Ages or put you on the moon.

We can make you a witness to the Hellenic wars or invite you to share a cup of wine with the senators of Ancient Rome. Feel the excitement of the Coliseum and the ecstatic crowd during a ruthless gladiator battle, watched over by the Emperor and his devoted Praetorian Guard. Contrast this opulence of color and rich fabrics with the darkness and dirt of the Middle Ages, all brought to life by carefully researched and styled costumes.

We have military uniforms from literally hundreds of armies and periods, including pieces from Byzantine times and the Ottoman Empire. Many of our costumes from this collection are actually originals, hand-made, with magnificent embroideries and antique ornaments. We also have authentic and detailed costumes from the 20s, 30s and 40s, as well as specific styles from the 50s, 60s and 70s for Europe and in particular the US.

We work in partnership with Peris Costumes. Founded in 1856 this costume hiring and manufacturing company has now offices in Madrid, Budapest and Lisbon and covers all periods and cultures for films, TV, theater and advertising.

And that’s not all. In our workshops we also make most of our new costumes, anything from beggar to king, from tribesman to society queen. Our team of skilled professionals will be able to satisfy your most demanding needs and bring to life anything from your imagination.