Our prop rental shop holds more than 50 years’ worth of cinematic treasures old and new.

We’re always renewing our stock, regularly restoring and enlarging our priceless collection that spans many eras and continents. We have props representing pre-history and the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau periods, as well as the darkest days of Eastern Bloc Communism, all the way up to the 21st Century and beyond.

In our five huge storage areas, we maintain a particularly impressive collection of Roman props, as well as a vast array of furniture, household items, office and restaurant equipment, statues, and paintings. Many are custom-made on site and our skilled technicians can modify any existing props to suit your needs.

Our graphic designers can also provide any period’s posters, newspapers, number plates, and more, while our experienced staff can assist you with accurate insights and advice to deliver authenticity in dressing your sets.

Props manufacture

Bulgaria has a rich history of craftsmanship and our manufacturing facility uses some of the very best local artisans. We can provide highly skilled teams of artists and craftsmen and women specializing in concept drawing, sculpting, mold making, metalwork, carpentry, leather craft, and much more.

Our dedicated prop manufacturing workshop uses a wide range of tools and equipment, combining time-honored skills and expertise with the most advanced processes, from traditional sand casting to ultra-modern 3D printing.