Our world-leading team of multidisciplinary stunt performers and technicians can deliver virtually any type of stunt work you require. Our team includes highly trained, forward-thinking stunt coordinators, performers, fight choreographers, action scene designers, and stunt riders, each hand-picked for their overall ability and specific area of action expertise.

It doesn’t matter if it’s rolls, high falls, fire burns, rides or fights, we can create thrilling, high-energy, Hollywood-standard stunts that will enhance your project and amaze your viewers. Our experience and creativity, combined with your imagination, can overcome all challenges to help you create magic movie experiences.

Beautiful horses, expert riders

Bulgaria is internationally recognized for its stunt riders. We have over a thousand horses, each highly trained in a wide range of stunts, and each with its own character and performance level. If you want a horse to perform an intricate action scene, or a stunningly beautiful steed to carry your leading actor on screen, we can provide a fully trained, professional horse of any breed, size, or colour.