In its plans for providing a world-class studio, Nu Boyana has now added an underwater stage. Completed in February 2018, it is one of the largest underwater filming facilities in Europe.

At a size of 20m x 20m x 6m deep (65ft x 65ft x 20ft deep) and a volume of 2400m3, it has a UV filtration system that reduces the use of chlorine, thus reducing costume and set bleach out, as well as actor’s eye and skin irritation.

The filtration system has a water turnover of every 6 hours and is maintained at 22°C, with the capacity to be heated to 33°C if required.

The viewing gallery houses a glass-viewing window of 2m by 1.5m.

The tank also has a built-in skimmer system for removing surface dust and impurities.

The main area has a 5m floor working area space around the tank with a 10-ton bridge crane and 13m working height to the underside of the overhead gantries.

There are three large access doors for loading and offloading equipment.

View Stage Plan (PDF 143kb)


  • 2 x actors’ bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Costume and make-up room
  • Production room (if required)
  • Viewing gallery area
  • Equipment maintenance and storage rooms


  • Ocean Eye underwater camera housing for Alexa SXT, XT, Alexa Mini, and Red Cameras
  • Underwater LED lighting
  • VFX screens
  • Wavemakers and tip tanks
  • Compressor for charging cylinders
  • 10 x sets of diving equipment
  • In-water rostrums and platforms

Our underwater stage is the perfect place for planning and handling your production from the beginning to the finished result.