However challenging your set design project and however demanding your attention to detail, our team of art directors and construction managers have the expertise, creativity, and experience to bring your vision to life.

Always working in close collaboration with our SFX department, we offer the full range of set construction services, materials, technicians, and workshops – everything you need to augment an existing set or create a whole new world.

Carpentry workshop

Our carpenters and skilled woodworkers are renowned throughout the region for the quality of their creations, including rough carpentry, finished millwork, restoration, and construction works.

Metal workshop

Our talented team of experts can make anything from large vehicles (including reproduction Humvees, helicopters, and more) to small, intricately designed prop items.

Fiberglass technology

Our skilled fiberglass technicians can create a wide range of objects ranging from street lights to small ornaments and reproduction statuary, reproducing every detail of the original design.

Foam workshop

We can make almost anything you can imagine from foam – quickly and affordably, including items for set dressing, stunts, construction, and of course special effects.

Vacuum forming

We can deliver a huge amount of items from light, durable ABS plastic in a very short time and produce specially designed bricks, tiles, helmets, shields, and much more as you need them.