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Interview with Marina Boshnakova

Written by Ben

Why did you choose Makeup as your profession?

Makeup has been a huge part of my life. I love what it can do for people. I believe that a good makeup job will allow you to fall back in love with yourself and seeing people transform like that is amazing for me.

How did you start in the movie industry?

My first job was on a tv series called Section Zero, following that I was lucky enough to be chosen for Plebs. I am very grateful to the person who introduced me into the industry Mariana Mihaylova who was an amazing inspiration for me. She taught me so much and I will forever be in her debt. I also met my husband on set so the film industry has given me much more than a career. I love working in Boyana, it feels like my second home.

What can students expect from the makeup course?

Beyond just holding a brush and applying a professional look you will learn so much more. How to talk to your actors and make them feel comfortable. The makeup and wardrobe department are the last points of contact before an actor steps on set and it’s often the time when they are most vulnerable. You will get to be an active part of the movie magic process and touch the industry in a very intimate way. You will learn how to age and de-age an actor, things like continuity, story points and so much more…