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Job Fair for Displaced Persons from Ukraine

On April 9th, a fourth job fair was held, this time in Varna, for displaced people from Ukraine who fled to Bulgaria to escape the war in their home country. Those who were forced to evacuate their homes were able to attend the event organized by the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, and Nu Boyana Film Studios.

Bulgarian and Ukraine flags

Ukrainian situation (Yariv’s thoughts)

I’ve recently been called by reporters from both the Hollywood Reporter and Variety asking me my opinion on how the Ukrainian situation is affecting the business of movie-making in Bulgaria.

Camera, grip and electrical course Film Forge

Camera, grip and electric reflections

It was a whirlwind to organize but we did it! Having run FilmForge for two years prior to the pandemic, one would think it would be plug and play, but so many things needed dusting off and other things needed a complete overhaul.

The Value of Education

The Value of Education

By Yariv Lerner

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of going to university.

We are a family here, we bond together.

Our crews deserve a lot of credit for the personal sacrifices they made to keep everyone safe in the fluid environment of 2021, says Nu Boyana CEO.

Qualifying - the movie

Qualifying – the inner game of beach volleyball

In the last months Yariv Lerner, our CEO, has been producing a passion project about beach volleyball. This is a sport close to his heart as Yariv has been a volleyball player since his teens and spent 7 years coaching teams in LA.

We’ve been a busy studio so far in 2021

This year has been one of the busiest ever, with the 10 sound stages being occupied the entire year, underwater tank, editing, and VFX departments all working at full steam.

Let’s Roll, 2021!

Keep the cameras rolling! COVID-19 was a major challenge for our industry but we adapted well. New rules, new positions, new beginnings. Here is how we managed at Nu Boyana Film Studios. Watch the special report by Scott Roxborough for Deutsche Welle and Arts 21 Program.

Direct Production Line

Direct Production Line

Covid-19 has changed our world and how we work. Implementing strict measures and Covid-19 Safety Guidelines has allowed us to continue working safely and efficiently.

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Nu Boyana Stunt Academy

An amazing project that we started in 2019. Stay tuned for the interesting and useful master classes and trainings that Nu Boyana Stunt Academy will offer!

Nu Boyana Stunt Academy launches in August

This is a very special project of ours and frankly we have thought about making it a reality for quite some time. Action and stunts have always been amongst the most cherished ingredients of the films we shoot. And we have always worked with great talents in the stunt world.

Underwater Stage – Showreel

It’s not only the width and depth of our pool, or the modernity of the building that we are proud of. It’s also the great teamwork and talent of all our colleagues. They can design and do all the engineering for your idea from scratch.

Audio Post Production: Creating the Sound for ‘211’

The movie “211” starring Nicolas Cage was inspired by one of the longest and bloodiest bank heists. The title is the American police code for robbery, which reveals the main part of the plot. A soon to be retired police officer “Mike Chandler”, played by Nicholas Cage finds himself unprepared and outgunned, as he comes across a daring bank heist carried out by a team of fearless, heavily armed and highly trained men. 

The action-packed thriller film was entirely serviced at Nu Boyana Film Studios. In the post-production of such a busy film, sound plays a pivotal role in the storytelling and production value.

FilmForge Students Enjoy Graduation Night

On a warm summer’s evening, the Danny Lerner Memorial Theatre quickly filled up with students, mentors and producers, parents and friends. It’s the 31st May and Nu Boyana Film Studios is hosting the graduation ceremony for the FilmForge classes.