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Porsche Panamera Launch in Sofia

Porsche Bulgaria chose Nu Boyana Film Studios for the Sofia Launch of the new Panamera. Boyana Events team organised a magical evening for all admirers of the famous brand.
Panamera LaunchPanamera LaunchSelected film props, as well as special light and sound effects prepared the audience for the spectacular appearance of two new generation Porsche Panameras. Events_PanameraPanamera LaunchThe guests enjoyed live classical music, delicious craft service and interesting VR simulation at one of Nu Boyana sound stages.img_0295_1img_0147_1img_0021_1Exploring the interior and exterior of this amazing car first-hand, the clients were convinced that “Courage changes everything” and left the studios with bolder dreams and precious memories from an unforgettable night.Panamera Launch VRimg_0215_1

Haunted House celebration at Nu Boyana

For the first time Nu Boyana opened doors to an exciting Halloween event for kids and adults. On Saturday, October 29th, part of the studios transformed into a Haunted House. The first of a kind scary maze in Bulgaria was built on one of the sets from our recent movie productions. Dressed amazingly by our set decorators and using real film props, the Haunted House welcomed its visitors with enthralling sound and light effects.
Haunted House - outsideDay event
All day long kids and parents had fun at the studios. All kinds of characters flooded Nu Boyana as our Trick or Treat game started. Bunches of young witches, walking skeletons and vampires rushed around the English city streets of our London set knocking door to door to get some sweets.
Trick or Treat - London setThe streets were filled with pumpkins and wrapped in spider webs as if London was bewitched for a day by a legion of small terrifying creatures.Trick or Treat - Haunted HouseNu Boyana Halloween party crew organized various workshops to entertain the kids at one of the sound stages. Our friends from Creative Center gave a chance to hundreds of kids to become filmmakers for a minute in their iPad workshop. We could also find a robot workshop, presented by Robopartans in which children were really interested. There were also several stands doing crafts, colouring books and playing themed games. Mandala Yoga did a special Acroyoga performance and sent us their Henna tattoo artist to draw the hands of our little heroes. _ksb8795The DJ and animators entertained kids and parents with the special party music. Pirates, zombies and wizards rocked the dance floor side by side in a magical atmosphere to the rhythm of the music. Guest dance formations Flava House and Wrong Generation Crew set the mood.Workshops Haunted HouseEvening event
In the evening adults took the baton and enjoyed the Haunted House horror maze. Inside an intense feeling of fear got the studio visitors as they faced the 15 spooky movie characters reenacted by professional actors.They were waiting around the corner to scare and entertain the guests. Haunted House - adultsDiabolical young girls with teddy bears and zombi families stained with blood were some of the blood-freezing villains of the night. Haunted House - adultsGuests could choose their costumes from our movie wardrobe and use the services of our professional makeup artists. Haunted House_makeupHeroes from not so horror but definitely entertaining films crushed the party as movie magic was up and running. Characters as Maleficent, Mad Hatter and more contributed to add colour to such a magical day.Haunted House - adults The maze fun smoothly transitioned into a roaring party. Cloaks, horns, tails and makeup abounded on the set.Haunted House - partyColour lights, music and disco fog transformed the place in a kind of coven, where all sort of night creatures and spirits were gathered to enjoy and celebrate the most delightful night of the year.Haunted Hause - adultsThe studio is planning to make the Halloween celebration an annual event and we look forward to having you as our guests at the Nu Boyana Haunted House 2017!

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Photos by: Simon Varsano, Jivko Ivanov, Anton Donchev, Niki Petrov and Creative Center

It’s time for “Making the Movie 2016”!

The Production Master Class at Nu Boyana studios begins on November 16th. Apply now to

The Master Class in Production will be the next step in the 2016 Nu Boyana Film School program. This 5-week course will start on November 16th. As with the Master Class in Screenwriting, Golan Ramraz will be overseeing and acting as producing mentor. Mr. Ramraz is an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, producer and executive whose impressive body of work includes working on titles such as MR. & MRS. SMITH, JUMPER and IRON MAN.
Film School at Nu Boyana Studios

World-renowned Musician, Idan Raichel, to Perform a Concert at Nu Boyana

As part of this year’s Tole-Fest, the ancient set in Nu Boyana Film Studios will transform into a stage for the acoustic piano show of the Israeli music icon Idan Raichel on Saturday, September 17th.

Photo by Benjo Arwas

Photo by Benjo Arwas

On the day when the city of Sofia celebrates “Faith, Hope and Love”, the Israeli keyboardist, poet, producer and composer, Idan Raichel, will preform with part of his famous multicultural group, “The Idan Raichel Project”, at their first-ever concert in Bulgaria.

VFX Academy 2016 – 2D Compositing Course

Apply now!
Send your CV to before September 25th 2016 and make the first step to becoming a visual effects artist.

#JoinTheDream today!

The course is free of charge.
Its duration is 10 weeks and it begins October 10th 2016.

*The VFX Academy 2D Compositing Course is going to be conducted in Bulgarian language.

Mechanic: Resurrection to be Released in August

The Post-Production of the movie was serviced in Bulgaria by Nu Boyana Film Studios and Worldwide FX.

Mechanic: Resurrection the sequel to the 2011 film The Mechanic, is scheduled for release August 26, 2016. The film stars Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop, a contract killer forced out of retirement when an evil organization threatens his girlfriend (played by Jessica Alba).

Jessica Alba stars as ‘Gina’

Jessica Alba stars as ‘Gina’

To save the love of his life, Bishop must travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents. Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh co-star in this anticipated film.

Acting for real

Antony Meindl’s Actor Workshop is back with a two-week intensive course at Nu Boyana Film School. Instead of a weekend workshop, this time the participants get two full weeks of hard work with London-based acting coach Cynthia Levin. We sat for a talk with Cynthia – an actor and stand-up comedian to explore the idea behind Meindl’s way of working.

An American in London Cynthia is now embracing her adventure and first visit to Bulgaria.


Cynthia Levin

Cynthia Levin

Hi, tell us first how you feel about coming to Bulgaria?

I’m so excited and looking forward to this. It’s my first time. I have met some Bulgarian actors in London and they are all great. So really looking forward to his adventure.

What should we expect from the 2-weeks AMAW?

It is going to be intensive! We are combining our normal classes once a week for six weeks at AMAW and merge them in the two weeks we got in Bulgaria. It’s a stepping-stone into the actual school and what we do every week at AMAW. We do listening exercises in the beginning. People always say they open them up in a way they’ve never experienced before. It’s ALL about listening.

Are you interested in internship at a film studio?

Nu Boyana Studios is announcing summer internship positions in various film studio departments.

Do you want to peek behind the scenes of the biggest movie studio on the Balkans? Experience the movie magic and learn the tricks of the trade this summer. Apply for our internship positions and become part of the Nu Boyana Community.

Film School at Nu Boyana Studios

To become the ultimate Nu Boyana Intern, you will need to be fluent in English, communicative, reliable and have a positive attitude.

Applicants can be students or graduates with experience and interest in the specific positions.

Internship position departments:

  • Camera
  • Grip
  • Lighting
  • VFX
  • Post production
  • Wardrobe
  • Media & Marketing (three different positions) – writer (Bulgarian and English), editor or graphic designer
  • Transport – vehicle mechanics background required

Application deadline: 20th June 2016

Apply with resume and motivation letter at:

*PLEASE in “subject” of your email put in your desired department position! If you are open to any position, indicate “flexible”.

Filmmakers share their secrets

Nu Boyana Film School is offering something never done in Bulgaria before. The newest course, which begins 25th May, will present a unique opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a producer, production manager, or work at any other position on the film set.

antonio pre

Behind the scenes from Automata

Lecturers at the Film School will be the very best in Bulgaria. Production managers, 1st Ads, location managers, production designers with background in Hollywood and international movies will share knowledge and explain what it takes to become a valued asset to any production. No matter the size of the production (big, low or no budget) planning is crucial to a successful execution and completion of any project.

Breaking down a script and organising a shoot will be part of the curriculum. As the film school is situated on the Film Studio premises, the students will have the opportunity to experience work on set. Another essential point will be the management of a film crew.

The pre-production is the most important part of making a project successful or not. You have to PLAN in order to be successful. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!” comments Nu Boyana CEO Yariv Lerner.

One of the reasons for this course is the exciting opportunity to become part of the Nu Boyana Community and work with international crews.

If you feel you got what it takes apply with a CV to:

The course starts 25th May and ends 7th July. Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday. The fee is 1200 leva. Places are limited.



By Sophia V

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Pulsating in Cannes

A Nu Boyana talent is making his debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Producer and DP Alexander Kenanov will present his project The Pulse at Short Film Corner Cannes 2016. The film deals with the controversial subject of euthanasia. The hot topic is something that has been buzzing for years around the world. The mercy killing or the right to choose your death is a delicate subject told through the relationship between a nurse and her colleague.

Alexander Kenanov is also co-founder of the Nu Boyana in-house production company B2Y (Boyana to You). The company creates and produces music videos, commercials and films.


Producer Alexander Kenanov in Cannes

Producer Alexander Kenanov in Cannes


We treat the people we work with as partners, not clients. This is an important part of the B2Y’s philosophy. Creating relevant content with strong visuals is our goal,” emphasizes Alex.

First draft is done!

The second batch of screenwriters is fresh out of the Nu Boyana Film School ready to conquer the film industry. It has been 8 weeks of hard work but the scripts are done and this stage of the learning process is over. The Master class ended with four full days of intense table reads of the feature film scripts. It was an insightful moment to witness the first drafts coming to life with the help of professional actors.

I’m proud of some parts but I can also see the weak points. It was great to hear actors reading my script.” Andrey Kaludov (student)

The relationship between actors and screenwriters is often neglected mostly due to time issues of film production. The cold reading sessions at the Nu Boyana Film School were the perfect opportunity to introduce two very important sides to creating a story. This interaction gives each of the participants an initial idea of the work ahead until the story is ready to hit production.

Screenwriters Master class Graduation

‘Criminal’ gets final post-production at Nu Boyana

Israeli-born director Ariel Vromen is the creative force behind the newest Millennium Films’ project. ‘Criminal’ stars Hollywood icon Kevin Costner as an unpredictable convict whose world turns upside down when implanted with the memories of a deceased CIA agent. Joining him are movie industry A-listers Gary Oldman, Ryan Reynolds and Tommy Lee Jones.


Nu Boyana is proud to announce the post-production of the movie was finalized at the studio’s facility. This is the third movie receiving its final touches in Bulgaria’s biggest film studio. ‘Boyka: Undisputed’ and ‘Septembers of Shiraz’ paved the way as features shot, serviced and finalized by Nu Boyana.

Avid Training for young professionals

Nu Boyana Film Studios in partnership with Bulcomp Ltd offers an exciting new opportunity for filmmakers and editors. An AVID Media Composer training course that provides the foundation in mastering Avid Media Composer 6.

The Importance of Tax Incentive Laws

A key part of the SIFF Meetings was the international panel presenting Tax Incentive Laws for film production. The panel consisted of four members from Belgium, Hungary, Macedonia, and the Bulgarian tax consultant and financier, Valeri Kolchev. The countries’ representatives explained the various ways to attract foreign film production to shoot small or big budget films, and the resulting benefits.

Premiere of London Has Fallen

Around the world fans were excited to welcome the premiere of London Has Fallen starring their favorite agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler). The story takes the charismatic hero to the British capital with one last mission to complete. Directed by Babak Najafi the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen brings back an array of Hollywood stars such as Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman.

Gerard Butler as agent Mike Banning

Nu Boyana Film School 2016: The Commencement

The Screenwriting Master Class mentored by Golan Ramraz kicked off on February 29th. The extra day of this year marked the beginning of the next batch of aspiring filmmakers who have joined the Nu Boyana Film Community.

Do you have a story to tell?

The Screenwriting Master Class, mentored by Golan Ramraz begins on February 29th at Nu Boyana Studios.

A Master Class in Screenwriting will mark the beginning of the 2016 Nu Boyana Film School. This 8-week course will start on February 29th. The most exciting news is the return of Golan Ramraz as screenwriting mentor. Mr. Ramraz is an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, producer and executive whose impressive body of work includes working on titles such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jumper and Iron Man.

Nine GOYA nominations and four awards for Nobody Wants the Night

The movie was filmed at Nu Boyana Boyana Film Studios.

Acclaimed Spanish director Isabel Coixet’s movie tells the incredible story of Josephine Peary’s journey portrayed by Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche. In 1908 Peary decides to accompany her husband explorer Robert Peary on his way to discover the North Pole. This visually breathtaking adventure was partially shot at the Nu Boyana Studios.
Nobody Wants the Night
Impressed by the studio facilities, equipment and staff Bulgarian co-producer Ariel Ilieff and Spanish executive producer Andrés Santana decided it was a perfect fit for their project. Another important consent was that of Alain Bainée, the production designer of the movie, who has previously worked in the Nu Boyana Studios on Stonehearst Asylum and was impressed with the work of the studio craftsmen.

Back with a bang in 2016!

The exciting adventure of movie making for students at Nu Boyana Studios is entering its second year. Nu Boyana Film School gives aspiring moviemakers from all over the world the opportunity to be part of a unique experience to create, learn and participate in the making of a movie.
The various courses at Nu Boyana Film School 2016 will cover all stages of what it takes to bring a story to life – from writing the first outlines of a script to putting the final touches in the editing room. The approach of all mentors is very hands-on. It’s all about the practical side of this industry. Learning by doing.

AMAW is here again!

Hollywood #1 Acting studio with a special master class at Nu Boyana.