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Behind the scenes: Creating the Sound for ‘211’

June 8th, 2018 marks the arrival of the new Nicolas Cage film “211”, inspired by “one of the longest and bloodiest bank heists”. The title is the American police code for robbery, which reveals the main part of the plot. A soon to be retired police officer “Mike Chandler”, played by Nicholas Cage finds himself unprepared and outgunned, as he comes across a daring bank heist carried out by a team of fearless, heavily armed and highly trained men. 

The action-packed thriller film was entirely serviced at Nu Boyana Film Studios. In the post-production of such a busy film, sound plays a pivotal role in the storytelling and production value.

Kris Casavant (Supervising sound editor), shared some of the behind the scenes secrets and technicalities of creating the sound for the film. All the work was done under the studio’s umbrella front to back, from capturing sound on set to finalizing in post-production. “For post, we started early with capturing weapon recordings on the sets during the shoot, followed by the entire creative approach right up until the final mix & delivery.” 

Nu Boyana supported four of the short films currently participating at “Golden Rose” 2017

In this year’s edition of “Golden Rose” Bulgarian Feature Film Festival, we are proud to present four short movies, supported by Nu Boyana Film Studios and B2Y Productions that have qualified in the official selection.

Directed by: Dimitris Georgiev

Dimitris Georgiev is a promising young director with projects that have received acclaim on a number of international film festivals. The idea for “The Last 2 Days” comes from a directing task he had to complete for the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, where he studies Film and Television Directing.

“The assignment was simple – I had to make a 7-minute movie in the suspense genre. However, the project quickly went out of scope and soon I realised that there is no way for me to tell this story in less than 20 minutes.” – says Dimitris Georgiev.
I found great support in Alexander Kenanov (B2Y Productions), who believed in my idea and didn’t restrict me in any way. I plan on continuing to make short movies until I feel ready to take on my first feature film. Right now I am in the middle of pre-production of a project of similar length as “The Last 2 Days”, with famous Bulgarian actors, supported once again by B2Y Productions and Nu Boyana Film Studios.”

The Hitman’s Bodyguard – Behind the Scenes

This entertaining action comedy centers on Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds), assigned to protect an infamous hitman Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) – the only person who can testify against a ruthless dictator (Garry Oldman). Along the course of the movie they are presented with a number of obstacles and twists, which are sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson filming THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD in Sofia, Bulgaria. Photo by Jack English.

The film has been shot throughout three European capitals – Sofia, London and Amsterdam, with the majority of the principal photography taking place in Bulgaria. Nu Boyana Film Studios has facilitated a large part of the production, providing sound stages and computer generated effects, with some sequences taking place in the canals of downtown Sofia. “We are very excited about this movie. This is one of those situations when we got lucky with a variety of things – great script, great cast, great director and we ended up with a great movie.” – says executive producer Yariv Lerner.

Director Patrick Hughes on the set of THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD in Bulgaria. Photo by Jack English.

Several of the action sequences were shot at the Nu Boyana Film Studios backlot in Bulgaria.
The team of our daughter company WorldWide FX completed more than 1000 shots lead by the VFX Supervisor Vesselina Hary Georgieva. On working with the director she remarks “I feel very lucky about working with Patrick Hughes, because he is very talented, very ambitious and knows exactly what he wants.”

L’Oreal Artistic Forum 2017

It was an honour for us to host at Nu Boyana one of the biggest annual events for L’Oreal Professionel Bulgaria their Artistic Forum 2017. The event gathers over 600 professional hairdressers and guests from all over the country to celebrate together the past academic year and the beginning of the new one.

L’Oreal Academy Bulgaria with the help of our Boyana Events team created a magnificent atmosphere, amazing sets and stages for the guests at the studios.

Bolt CineBot and Phantom Flex 4K on set at Nu Boyana

Nu Boyana Film Studios recently acquired two amazing new pieces of equipment – a Bolt motion control rig and a Phantom Flex 4K.

BoltCinebot is the fastest high speed camera robot in the world. It has the ability to get up to full speed almost instantly so the camera can go from standstill to high-speed motion and back in fractions of seconds. Bolt is controlled by the Academy Award winning software Flair. Combined with it, the Bolt rig is quick to program moves on set and offers all of the features for importing moves from 3D packages and exporting moves.

Phantom Flex 4K is the newest camera available by Vision Research. The camera is specifically designed for motion picture capture and delivers updated easy to use camera interface. The Flex 4K is capable of recording at speeds of up to 1000 frames a second at 4k resolution and reaches a maximum frame rate of 3000 fps at 720p. The picture quality of the camera is supreme and opens up a world of possibilities in post-production. The Flex 4K has been the standard in high speed cinematography since its release in 2014, delivering top quality image for film productions all around the world.

With their innovative characteristics the two filmmaking gadgets are able to capture the movie magic in a precise and fascinating way never seen before!

Mechanic: Resurrection to be Released in August

The Post-Production of the movie was serviced in Bulgaria by Nu Boyana Film Studios and Worldwide FX.

Mechanic: Resurrection the sequel to the 2011 film The Mechanic, is scheduled for release August 26, 2016. The film stars Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop, a contract killer forced out of retirement when an evil organization threatens his girlfriend (played by Jessica Alba).

Jessica Alba stars as ‘Gina’

Jessica Alba stars as ‘Gina’

To save the love of his life, Bishop must travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents. Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh co-star in this anticipated film.

Are you interested in internship at a film studio?

Nu Boyana Studios is announcing summer internship positions in various film studio departments.

Do you want to peek behind the scenes of the biggest movie studio on the Balkans? Experience the movie magic and learn the tricks of the trade this summer. Apply for our internship positions and become part of the Nu Boyana Community.

Film School at Nu Boyana Studios

To become the ultimate Nu Boyana Intern, you will need to be fluent in English, communicative, reliable and have a positive attitude.

Applicants can be students or graduates with experience and interest in the specific positions.

Internship position departments:

  • Camera
  • Grip
  • Lighting
  • VFX
  • Post production
  • Wardrobe
  • Media & Marketing (three different positions) – writer (Bulgarian and English), editor or graphic designer
  • Transport – vehicle mechanics background required

Application deadline: 20th June 2016

Apply with resume and motivation letter at:

*PLEASE in “subject” of your email put in your desired department position! If you are open to any position, indicate “flexible”.

Pulsating in Cannes

A Nu Boyana talent is making his debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Producer and DP Alexander Kenanov will present his project The Pulse at Short Film Corner Cannes 2016. The film deals with the controversial subject of euthanasia. The hot topic is something that has been buzzing for years around the world. The mercy killing or the right to choose your death is a delicate subject told through the relationship between a nurse and her colleague.

Alexander Kenanov is also co-founder of the Nu Boyana in-house production company B2Y (Boyana to You). The company creates and produces music videos, commercials and films.


Producer Alexander Kenanov in Cannes

Producer Alexander Kenanov in Cannes


We treat the people we work with as partners, not clients. This is an important part of the B2Y’s philosophy. Creating relevant content with strong visuals is our goal,” emphasizes Alex.

The Importance of Tax Incentive Laws

A key part of the SIFF Meetings was the international panel presenting Tax Incentive Laws for film production. The panel consisted of four members from Belgium, Hungary, Macedonia, and the Bulgarian tax consultant and financier, Valeri Kolchev. The countries’ representatives explained the various ways to attract foreign film production to shoot small or big budget films, and the resulting benefits.

International panel at SIFF Tax Incentives meeting

International panel at SIFF Tax Incentives meeting

Premiere of London Has Fallen

Around the world fans were excited to welcome the premiere of London Has Fallen starring their favorite agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler). The story takes the charismatic hero to the British capital with one last mission to complete. Directed by Babak Najafi the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen brings back an array of Hollywood stars such as Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman.

Gerard Butler as agent Mike Banning

Nine GOYA nominations and four awards for Nobody Wants the Night

The movie was filmed at Nu Boyana Boyana Film Studios.

Acclaimed Spanish director Isabel Coixet’s movie tells the incredible story of Josephine Peary’s journey portrayed by Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche. In 1908 Peary decides to accompany her husband explorer Robert Peary on his way to discover the North Pole. This visually breathtaking adventure was partially shot at the Nu Boyana Studios.
Nobody Wants the Night
Impressed by the studio facilities, equipment and staff Bulgarian co-producer Ariel Ilieff and Spanish executive producer Andrés Santana decided it was a perfect fit for their project. Another important consent was that of Alain Bainée, the production designer of the movie, who has previously worked in the Nu Boyana Studios on Stonehearst Asylum and was impressed with the work of the studio craftsmen.


The movie was entirely produced in Bulgaria – script to screen, serviced by Nu Boyana.

Adrien Brody and Salma Hayek star in this adaptation of the critically acclaimed debut novel by Iranian American author Dalia Sofer, about a secular Jewish family caught up in the maelstrom of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

LONDON HAS FALLEN filmed at Nu Boyana

The largest film production studios in Eastern Europe built an authentic London set and St.Paul’s cathedral for Millennium Films project. The best crews in Bulgaria worked on the shooting. The visual effects are done by our daughter company WorldwideFX.

Courtesy of Millennium Films

Courtesy of Millennium Films

BERLINALE opens with a movie shot at Nu Boyana

Acclaimed Spanish director Isabel Coixet’s film Nobody wants the night premieres at the 65th Berlin Film Festival.

Such grandiose events as Berlinale can’t help but get all the movie lovers and professionals excited. Especially when it’s a 65th jubilee festival. NuBoyana team has yet another reason to cheer louder, since the movie that has the honor of starting the program this year was partially shot in Bulgaria, inside the premises of NuBoyana film studios. Tonight, February 5th, the world is about to welcome a drama Nobody Wants the Night, written by Miguel Barros and directed by Isabel Coixet. The movie is the first one to be presented in the renewed main venue of Berlinale – Berlinale Palast, that is now equipped with Dolby Atmos.
The initial idea to host the production of Nobody Wants The Night in Bulgaria belongs to Bulgarian co-producer Ariel Ilieff who had a chance to test some of the facilities of NuBoyana film studios with a fellow Spanish executive producer Andrés Santana. The amiable atmosphere, good match to the available budget and the presence of the whole range of professionals and equipment, necessary for the production at one place, made it possible to recreate some of the main locations of the film inside NuBoyana soundstages. One more “yes” for shooting in Bulgaria came from Alain Bainée, the production designer of the movie, for whom the experience of working at NuBoyana was not new. Bainée witnessed the incredible work of Bulgarian craftsmen during the filming of Stonehearst Asylum (Ben Kingsley, Michael Caine) and approved NuBoyana to be a good fit for Nobody Wants The Night. The crew ended up with around 270 local professionals. For a KFTV coverage, Yariv Lerner, the CEO of NuBoyana Film Studios summarized the international experience of the project: “The production of Nobody Wants the Night was a seamless collaboration that connected three countries.”

SECTION ZERO starts shooting at Nu Boyana

La Creation Originale CANAL + begun filming this week its new series, created by renowned director and screenwriter Olivier Marchal

Filming of Olivier Marchal’s new series, SECTION ZERO, started this week at Nu Boyana Film Studios. It is a CREATION ORIGINALE CANAL+ project, produced by Thomas Anargyros and Edouard de Vésinne for EuropaCorp Television in coproduction with Bad Company and Umedia. The shooting in Bulgaria will continue until July 2015.

Four Goya 2015 nominations for Automata

Millennium Films sci-fi Automata received four nominations for Spain’s
Goya Awards: for photography Alejandro Martinez, artistic director Patrick Salvador, for costume design Armaveni Stoyanova, and for sound Gabriel Gutierrez.
The feature was shot at Nu Boyana film Studios. Antonio Banderas is set to receive an honorary Goya award at the Feb. 7 ceremony.

Happy New Year!

2015 comes with a unique London set at Nu Boyana for you to shoot your movies.London 01Here it is, decorated with magical lights…London 3… and some magical people.London2London movie set… in Bulgaria… at the largest film production studio in Eastern Europe…Nu Boyana!London 1

“A Passage to Hell” – Wrapped!

American soldier John Cutter (Dylan Bruce) is sent on a mission to stop the Russian terrorist Igor Rodin (Sergey Badyuk). Rodin has hijacked a team of scientists and plans to blow up one of the major European cities with the lethal biological bomb, they’ve constructed.

A Passage to Hell behind the scenesIn a short amount of time and supported by an extremely talented crew, director Danny Lerner adds another exciting action packed adventure to the Millennium library.

A Passage to Hell behind the scenes

On the set of “A Passage to Hell”: Director Danny Lerner (on the right) giving instructions to SFX Supervisor Ivo Jivkov.


Made in Nu Boyana

Our student film competition gives chance to young filmmakers to show their best potential!
Made in Nu Boyana - Student Film Competition
Four student teams shot their short movies in the last week of August, using everything they need on the territory of Nu Boyana Film Studios – equipment, sets, wardrobe, props and etc. The teams were formed of students, holding different positions – Screenwriter, Director, DP, Camera Assistant, Script Supervisor, Stylist, Set decorators, Video Editor, Sound Designer, Production Assistant and etc. The teams were given basic script guidance for the concept of their short movie and they decided weather to make a comedy, a drama or action out of it. The Studio provided professionals to serve as mentors, supporting the work of each team.
Made in Nu Boyana - Student Film Competition
Made in Nu Boyana vocational training project is conducted for the first time, giving chance to future filmmakers to complete the whole process of producing a movie in the professional environment of the film studio. The students had to follow a strict production schedule – 3 days preparation, 2 days shooting and 10 days post-production. An international panel of judges, working in the movie business, will choose the winner film in September.
Made in Nu Boyana - Student Film CompetitionTake a peak behind the scenes of Made in Nu Boyana Student Film Competition 2014:

Udaya Returns to Boyana

UdayaUdaya Entertainment Returns to Nu Boyana Studios on July 17th to film Mythic Yoga Flow with Sianna Sherman. This is the fourth yoga production at Nu Boyana. Udaya Entertainment filmed the Ultimate Yogi in 2011 and returned every year with a new production. Last years production Liquid Asana Live with Micheline Berry will be released in September and Yoga Warrior, Deepen Your Practice and an online school are already available.