Tax credit Incentives


  • Low film production costs – as much as 30% lower than Central European countries and significantly below those in Western Europe, the US and Canada.
  • Bulgaria has a flat rate of just 10% for personal and corporate income tax – the lowest in Europe.
  • A local VAT refund is guaranteed.
  • We can deal with the VAT refund for you – you’ll simply need to choose one of our local Nu-Boyana companies.
  • The VAT rate is 20% and applies to all purchases, rentals and services, ie construction materials, equipment rentals, site rentals, offices, transportation etc. Most products and services that we buy or rent from local vendors, including crew carry VAT. Some vendors however do not have to charge VAT because their annual turnaround does not exceed the minimum level.
  • All VAT paid on materials, rentals, services and crew is refundable with the exception of VAT on hotels and some fuel.
  • There is NO VAT on airfares.
  • If you choose Nu Boyana as your local production company we will contract all the local vendors including crew, equipment, site rentals, etc. We will then be responsible for the VAT refund as well, saving you hassle and additional administration costs. We’ll handle all the paperwork and file the VAT refund application to the tax authorities.

Tax incentives

Incentives have been voted for by the Bulgarian Parliament in December 2012 but the mechanism is still in the process of adoption. The government will introduce a 15 per cent cash rebate to help your budget go even further. The rebate will take effect soon, making Bulgaria an even more cost-effective center of movie making excellence – send us an email and we’ll make sure to keep you posted on the latest developments.