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SCREENWRITING with Golan Ramraz

The award-winning writer and producer will teach a six week class at Nu Boyana, starting February 16, 2015.

Nu Boyana Film School launches a course on Screenwriting and Story development on February 16 (Monday). It will be taught by Golan Ramraz, who has worked on movies like “Mr.& Mrs. Smith”, “The Bourne Supremacy”, “Iron man”, “The Incredible Hulk”, TV series “The O.C.”.

001Requirements for selection:
English writing proficiency
Open mind and willingness to work

Duration and pricing
Feb 16th – March 27th
Course fee: 1000 BGN
(You need a laptop and a copy of Final Draft)

Send us your Resume and a Script outline to
Me 2014-08-09Golan Ramraz is an award-winning writer/producer who has been a development and production executive for over a decade, most recently with Hero Pictures (Vanity). Prior to Hero, Golan was Director of Development at Marvel Studios (Iron Man) and Kadokawa Pictures USA (One Missed Call), and Creative Executive at Doug Liman’s Hypnotic Entertainment (Mr. & Mrs. Smith).

Golan and his writing partner are currently working on feature projects with such producers as Bob Yari (Crash), Mark Canton (300), Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), Debra Spidell (Workaholics) and Stan Lee (The Avengers). Beyond the two features he penned that are currently in post-production, his next film, Falling, begins production in June 2015, and his follow-up feature, Snuff (adapted from the novel by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk), is in pre-production with producer Adam Goldworm (Vice). All of this is in addition to his numerous short films currently winning awards at film festivals worldwide.

As a producer, Golan is currently prepping Einstein, written by Oscar winner Ronald Bass  (Silent Knights), with Oscar nominee J. Todd Harris and Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, to be directed by Oscar winner David S. Ward, and Battlecreek with acclaimed filmmaker Alison Eastwood, amongst others.

Nu Boyana Film School NEXT courses:
Making the movie : starting in April 2015
Post production: starting in May 2015

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