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Written by Alex

The reflection of the morning sun on the posters from renowned movies, the lively tapping of the keyboards, a strong aroma of coffee from day one and ANTICIPATION, hanging in the air. On February 17th, 26 aspiring screenwriters from various roads of life gather in NuBoyana Film studios for their first day of classes, guided by the award-winning writer and producer Golan Ramras. The film school unites students from different backgrounds, some seasoned players in the audio-visual industry, people with experience in journalism and media, newbies to the art of screenwriting. They are so different, but all united by the DESIRE TO TELL STORIES to the world.Golan Ramras teaching
The ambitions and expectations are very high. Ivaylo Grancharov, a student with a successful career in government sector, says:

“I consider myself a piece of clay that can be shaped by the teacher. I’ll do my best to execute all tasks. My greatest expectation is a lot of practice.”

The students cannot even imagine to what extent their desire for the HANDS-ON experience will be fulfilled. First day and already nine pages of writing assignment. Professor Ramras CHALLENGES them to play with the senses of the readers and the future viewers. The goal is to provoke their hearing, taste, touch, smell and sight senses with a vivid description of imaginary room. After the detailed INSTRUCTIONS the students jump into the challenge. No one seems to be intimidated by the task. With excited and passionate smiles on their faces the screenwriters bend to the laptops and the work begins.

“He [Ramras] makes it feel so natural. Here you just feel that you are in the right place and he gives you the tools that you can put together and you feel – I can do this!” says Theresa Egger, the student to come to the film school all the way from Germany.pic1_WEB

It is not only the CRAVING TO LEARN what motivates these aspiring writers to squeeze their creative juices. NuBoyana Film School is not only about practice, but also about COMPETITION. At the end of the class a single best script will be selected and turned into a real MOVIE. The tastes of the students differ a lot. In the artistic bunch of people one can find the fans of sci-fi, action, drama. Jason Reim, a student of the film school from the US, California, makes a guess about the winning script:

“That’s tough to predict. My guess would be a sort of political romance… It should be something that also can be shot here, a celebration of everything that there is in Bulgaria. And maybe a bit of other locations.”

The first lines of 25 incredible stories are on paper but the JOURNEY to the world of screenwriting for the students just BEGINS. What does it take to write a script? What movie will be produced at the end of NuBoyana FILM SCHOOL? Stay tuned and watch the #MovieMagicMadeReal!

by guest author: Olya Amburg