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Pulsating in Cannes

Written by Alex

A Nu Boyana talent is making his debut at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Producer and DP Alexander Kenanov will present his project The Pulse at Short Film Corner Cannes 2016. The film deals with the controversial subject of euthanasia. The hot topic is something that has been buzzing for years around the world. The mercy killing or the right to choose your death is a delicate subject told through the relationship between a nurse and her colleague.

Alexander Kenanov is also co-founder of the Nu Boyana in-house production company B2Y (Boyana to You). The company creates and produces music videos, commercials and films.


Producer Alexander Kenanov in Cannes

Producer Alexander Kenanov in Cannes


We treat the people we work with as partners, not clients. This is an important part of the B2Y’s philosophy. Creating relevant content with strong visuals is our goal,” emphasizes Alex.

Behind the scenes of The Pulse

Behind the scenes of The Pulse


The selection of The Pulse for Cannes sets a great head start for Bulgarian director Daniel Delchunkov. This is his graduation project, which features beautifully shot war scenes resembling epic feature film cinematography and great acting work by Bulgarian actress Stanka Kalcheva and Serbian actor Slobodan Aleksich.


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