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Underwater Stage – Showreel

Written by Alex

It’s not only the width and depth of our pool, or the modernity of the building that we are proud of. It’s also the great teamwork and talent of all our colleagues. They can design and do all the engineering for your idea from scratch.

Nu Boyana Underwater Stage from Nu Boyana Film Studios on Vimeo.

Underwater filming can be a bit challenging, that’s why safety always stays a priority. We made sure to have found the best professionals and equipment for a smooth and relaxed working environment.

Actors are taken care of by our experienced safety divers, so they can give the best performance. Because we know not everyone is most comfortable in deep waters.

Our underwater stage hosts film productions and commercial projects, providing enough space and rooms for actors and crew (makeup & wardrobe, production office, bathrooms, etc.).

T-mobile Commercial, 2019

We are also very proud with our SFX masters, set designers and lighting technicians. They can adapt this huge underwater space to basically anything. You name it.

Hunter Killer Movie, 2018

Water Tank Specifications:

At a size of 20m x 20m x 6m deep, (65ft x 65ft x 20ft deep ) and a Volume of 2400m3. It has a UV filtration system reducing the use of chlorine thus reducing costume, set bleach out and actor’s eye/skin irritation.

The Filtration system has a water turn over of every 6 hours and is maintained at 22C degrees with the capacity to be heated to 33C degrees if required.

The viewing gallery houses a glass-viewing window of 2m by 1.5m

The tank also has a built in Skimmer system for removing surface dust and impurities

The main area has a 5m floor working area space around the tank with a 10ton Bridge crane and 13m working height to the underside of the overhead Gantries.

There are three large access doors for loading and off loading of equipment.

The facility is managed by our diving/Marine coordinator Ian Creed with over 18 years experience in water movies & Commercials from The Life Aquatic, 47m Down, Starwars, The Hitmans Body Guard, Rambo, Breaking Surface and many more.

Our underwater stage is the perfect place for planning and handling your production from the beginning to the finished result.


2 x Actors Bathrooms with walk in showers,

Costume – make up room, Production room if required,

Viewing Gallery area.

Equipment maintenance and storage rooms


Ocean eye underwater camera housing for Alexi SXT, XT , Alexi Mini and Red Camera’s

Underwater LED lighting

VFX Screens

Wave makers & Tip tanks.

Compressor for charging cylinders,

10 x sets diving Equipment,

In water rostrums & Platforms.

Download the Underwater Stage Plan