Nu Boyana UK is the most recent addition to the Nu Boyana brand. Initially NBUK will be looking to raise the profile of Nu Boyana to the UK media hub. Having worked within the facility business in the UK  for over 25 years we are in an ideal position to be able to explain the benefits to Producers of what can be offered by Nu Boyana. NBUK will be able to handle your production requirements and ensure that you have everything you require to ensure your production meets your budget and exceeds your expectations in what can be achieved. Whether you require information on crews, locations, costumes, VFX, camera & lighting equipment or the cost of extras or the availability of hotels. We will become your production partner.

The longer term intention to establish a UK base within a studio environment and to bring the Nu Boyana ‘can do’ attitude to the UK.

Contact us and let’s set up a meet to explain in more detail the benefits of shooting your next production at Nu Boyana.