You can link your social media under the info section on the details page. All you have to do is enter your URL link from your social media page in the specific field and click save.

Some fields are required as they will enhance your profiles visibility when production search for actors.

Three playing ages is the limit as it is very rare anybody can look 10 – 15 years older or younger than their actual age without make-up or prosthetics.

The performance section allows us to know if you are willing to work as Nude, Topless, Special Extra or as an Extra performer.

Jpeg files with the maximum size of (5 MB)

You can only upload links to videos from your Youtube or Vimeo accounts. You can copy and paste a link into the Video link box and click save, then your video will be able to be viewed on your profile page

Your pictures will not upload because they are not the correct size, please re-size them to match the dimesons (400 x 400)

Knowing your availability allows productions to see if you can be considered for their shooting dates. Do not worry your profile will still appear and if they like you can still be contacted regardless of unavailability.

You will receive an automated email stating you have been selected to self-tape with the instructions of how to do so and with a timeframe the production wishes to receive the tape. Please check your spam filter regularly as some emails may accidentally slip into your spam folder depending on your service provider.

You can apply for jobs via the Jobs Board section via your dashboard. You can only apply for a job if your information matches the criteria of a specific breakdown.

Because your information on your profile may not match the character breakdown given by the production.

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