We have over 5,000 practical weapons in our armory, as well as webbing, accessories, harnesses and ammunition from just about every period – whenever your battles are set, we have the gear to make sure they look authentic.

Whether you need broadswords and crossbows for your Middle Ages epic, rapiers for the Renaissance, pistols and rifles from WWI and WWII or the latest modern weapons to stage a Bronx street riot or arm a contemporary infantry division, we have all the realistic and historically accurate weaponry you need.
Our weapons always come with at least one expert. All our armorers have long-term military experience and in-depth knowledge of weapons use across a range of periods and conflicts both historical and modern. We can advise on correct usage, firing positions and deployment to help directors decide on the right weapons to suit the script.

Before production, we can analyze your script and advise on the best weapons to use for specific scenes. This can be invaluable both for authenticity and to offset potential problems later in the production.