So why us? We’re based just a ten minute drive from Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, and with our wealth of ancient history, spectacular scenery and a rich and varied cinematic history, an ever-growing number of film houses around the world are discovering what makes Nu Boyana special.

Here are a few excellent reasons to choose Nu Boyana for your next production.

Rich and varied natural scenery: Streets and cities can be built on the lot, but mountains and forests are much more cost-effective if they occur naturally. The wooded mountainside of Vitosha rises up behind the lot to a spectacular height of 2,895m and we also have crystal clear rivers and lakes, lush green fields stretching out across the midlands and spectacular sandy beaches merging with idyllic views of the picturesque Black Sea. All this beauty is within a relatively small area, with nothing more than a five-hour drive away, helping to keep logistics simple and costs down.

Historical, institutional and industrial sets and locations: We also have a huge variety of urban settings and locations, with buildings ranging from grand and ancient to extremely modern, all within or near to Sofia. The sheer diversity, coupled with our experience in obtaining filming permission, gives us a competitive edge on most other European studios.

A huge range of architectural styles and historic sites: Take your pick from beautifully preserved examples from the time of the Thracian kings (325 BC), the Byzantine Empire (330-1204 AD) and Ottoman rule (1299-1923), to many and varied new urban and contemporary styles.

Four seasons, one location: Bulgaria has a continental climate characterised by four well-defined seasons: white, snowy winter; fresh and blossomy spring; warm sunny summer and rainy golden-leafed autumn. You’ll never be without that special scene that makes your production stand out.

World film-making expertise: Our long and vibrant heritage with more than 50 years of film-making means we have developed an internationally respected team of English-speaking, highly experienced and motivated professionals, skilled in every aspect of the film-making process, from set design to filming, logistics and post-production. It’s all here.

Low operational costs: Our history as a developing economy means that most things cost less here, and that’s why we can offer considerably more bang for your buck. Costs are as much as 30 per cent lower than central Europe and much lower than western European nations, the US and Canada. We also guarantee local VAT refund and a fixed ten per cent flat rate for personal and corporate income tax.

Script budgeting: If you want to know what the costs for making your movie with us might be, send us your script and our experts will budget it. The fee for budgeting is EUR 600, VAT excl.

Easy access with short direct flights from all the European capitals and beyond.

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With superb locations, world-class expertise and very low operational costs, Nu Boyana is the complete package – it’s no wonder so many big production houses are returning time after time.