Creating Proof of Concept for your script 

If we like your screenplay, we will invest equipment and locations to create your 

Proof Of Concept.  

The studio will be reimbursed when your feature screenplay goes into the production!

There is always an option to pay for everything in which case we act as a production 

company. Contact us for more info or continue reading along.

To stand out in the oversaturated screenplay market, you need more than just 100 pages of your script – you need proper marketing means. We help you sell your script by producing a Proof Of Concept (POC). 

Proof of concept is a short movie which encapsulates the most original elements of your script; it shows us a glimpse of the world you’ve created. 

Your POC has one main purpose:

Get the potential investors to say “I want to see more.”

Send us your script for reviewing. If we love it and it can be shot at our studio, we will partner up and give you equipment and locations for free to shoot you POC. You will have to cover things like crew salary, consumables, catering etc.

For example, you get the camera for free, but you pay for the camera operator and the ACs. 

When your feature screenplay is sold and it goes into the production phase, the development fee (that includes everything that was provided to you for free) will be reimbursed to the studio. And if it doesn’t sell, you or anyone else don’t owe us anything. This way we share the risks.

Our Projects

Our most recent project – September Man

This is one great horror/thriller. Minimal amount of character and locations. Contained horror/thrillers are always in demand. 


Powered by Nu Boyana Film Studios, we shot it on Red Epic using Leica Summicron-C lenses. We used locations like our new Water Tank, American House set and Roman set.


 If you like the POC and you want to contact the writer, please, email us.  


Written and directed by Karl Derrick

Behind the scenes of September Man 

Here is one of the actors from the September Man Proof Of Concept – Stella Bruggen. She posted a little behind the scenes piece on her vlog and we are happy that she had such a great experience on set






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The Contender – Film Noir

The Contender was shot on the New York street set on 
Nu Boyana
backlot. It’s a great Film Noir superhero screenplay that deserves your attention.


If you like the POC and want to contact the writer, please, email us. 





Written and directed by Jason Reim

Behind The Scenes of The Contender

Here is a short BTS clip exploring Jason’s experience while filming his POC. We are proud of how the final product turned out.








Our Process


First Contact

You send us your screenplay. We read it and evaluate it. Based on the evaluation we tell you what kind of discounts we can provide to you. We negotiate the deal and if everyone is happy we proceed to the step 2.


Writing, Budgeting and Pre-production

Together, we create a 3-5 pages POC script and budget it. The €250 entry fee includes the wages of POC script writer and budgeter. 

You come over and we hire the crew, do location scouting, casting, set building and anything your script dictates. 


Production and Delivery

We film your POC, edit, color grade and sound mix. 

The final product we upload to Nu Boyana Youtube channel.


Am I paying €250 to have my screenplay read and evaluated? 

No. You send us the screenplay and get the reply with what discounts we can provide to you based on our evaluation. If you want to proceed with the POC, you pay the €250 for the POC script being written and budgeted. We are collaborating, so we are in constant loop with you. We are always open to where your money go at any point of time so you can always see the paper trail. You get a POC script, Movie Magic Budget, Schedule and DOODs.

Do you guys work with TV-series, Short Movies or Music Videos and so on? 

Yes. If you have any other kind of project that is not a Proof Of Concept, we are more than happy to service you. Be it a screenplay coverage, feature budgeting, filming a commercial, VFX, sound mixing etc. – we do it all. 

If you give me equipment and locations for free, who’s doing the reimbursement to the studio?

The legal entity that acquires your screenplay. The reimbursement happens when the screenplay goes into production and it is a part of the feature production budget. All of this is stated in the contract we sign with you and the deal is negotiable.

I wasn’t offered the free equipment and locations option and I don’t have enough money to pay full prices. What do I do?

You give us your budget and we work on creating something that we all will be proud of and you can afford. We will try to agree on something that, for example, has only one location, minimal amount of characters, requires minimal amount of crew, and is one page long. Our goal is to always make it affordable for you while maintaining the high quality of the final product.

Why do you get to have an option on my work? 

We get an option on your work only if the equipment and locations were provided for free. We get 3 months to trigger the 6 months option. All these numbers are negotiable, but we need this time to show your screenplay and POC to the producers we have access to and give them time to decide if they want to work with you and your screenplay.

POCs is a great way to waste money, nobody buys screenplays based on POCs, right?

There is an overwhelming evidence that many screenplays are bought based on their POCs. You can do a simple search online to find all the evidence for that. Can we guaranty your screenplay will sell after we shoot the POC – NO. Is it more likely it will be sold – YES. Whatever happens to your script after, you do get the experience of directing a scene from your movie and meet people from the industry.