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FilmForge Students Enjoy Graduation Night

On a warm summer’s evening, the Danny Lerner Memorial Theatre quickly filled up with students, mentors and producers, parents and friends. It’s the 31st May and Nu Boyana Film Studios is hosting the graduation ceremony for the FilmForge classes.

Over the past two years FilmForge proved itself as the perfect place for those that want a future in the film industry. The unique feature of FilmForge’s courses and initiatives is that they give the potential of future professionals the opportunity to explore the professional environment of the film studio, while meeting international experts, giving young talents a solid start on their way to the cinema industry.

NuBoyana 24 – Filmmaking challenge

Join our filmmaking challenge and show your potential to work on set at one of the best film studios in Europe. Summon your friends now and come on March 10-11 at Nu Boyana Film Studios to create a 3-5 minute short film in only 24 hours – from Script to Screen. Give your best performance and you could get selected to be among our new interns at Nu Boyana.

We are looking for enthusiastic and hardworking people to appoint in our internship program as well as in some upcoming projects thus giving them a chance to develop successful careers in the film industry. Our special 3-month internship program at the studios begins on May 2, 2018.

Nu Boyana supported four of the short films currently participating at “Golden Rose” 2017

In this year’s edition of “Golden Rose” Bulgarian Feature Film Festival, we are proud to present four short movies, supported by Nu Boyana Film Studios and B2Y Productions that have qualified in the official selection.

Directed by: Dimitris Georgiev

Dimitris Georgiev is a promising young director with projects that have received acclaim on a number of international film festivals. The idea for “The Last 2 Days” comes from a directing task he had to complete for the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, where he studies Film and Television Directing.

“The assignment was simple – I had to make a 7-minute movie in the suspense genre. However, the project quickly went out of scope and soon I realised that there is no way for me to tell this story in less than 20 minutes.” – says Dimitris Georgiev.
I found great support in Alexander Kenanov (B2Y Productions), who believed in my idea and didn’t restrict me in any way. I plan on continuing to make short movies until I feel ready to take on my first feature film. Right now I am in the middle of pre-production of a project of similar length as “The Last 2 Days”, with famous Bulgarian actors, supported once again by B2Y Productions and Nu Boyana Film Studios.”

Location Sound Recording Training

Nu Boyana organizes a 4-week Location Sound Recording training course that will take place in our studios from March 20th, 2017.

We are looking for 10-12 young and ambitious people with some basic audio knowledge, passionate not only for sound but willing and ready to work outside in the snowy fields, under the red hot sun or recording thunderclaps in the pouring rain!

The class will be led by the prominent French location sound mixer Pierre–Yves Lavoué, known for his work in “Dzift”, “Love.Net”, “The color of the Chameleon” and more Bulgarian and foreign productions.

We may offer a full time location recording job in the Sound department of NuBoyana Film Studios to the students who show excellent results during the class.

Candidate requirements:
The candidates should be at least 18-years-old with good English language, communication skills and excellent discipline.
A high school diploma is a must but a University degree and previous sound related practices will be an advantage.

Class period:
March 20th – April 14th, Monday to Friday, 3+3 hours a day

Send your full Resume and a headshot to: by March 10th.
Approved applicants will be invited for an interview.
The course is free of charge.

New class: Acting for Film starts in March

Join our Acting for Film class at FilmForge – a Nu Boyana Center for Vocational Training!

Learn how to be yourself in front of the camera. Improve your ability to play monologues and dialogues, get noticed on a casting and more! Your mentor will be Velizar Binev – the Bulgarian actor with the largest number of Hollywood and international movies in his portfolio.

Actors Svetlana Atanasova, Sophia Vassileva and Luke Cousins (left to right) rehearsing in Nu Boyana casting room on “Bar Tricks” scenes. Photo: Ves Sarafov

It’s time for “Making the Movie 2016”!

The Production Master Class at Nu Boyana studios begins on November 16th. Apply now to

The Master Class in Production will be the next step in the 2016 Nu Boyana Film School program. This 5-week course will start on November 16th. As with the Master Class in Screenwriting, Golan Ramraz will be overseeing and acting as producing mentor. Mr. Ramraz is an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, producer and executive whose impressive body of work includes working on titles such as MR. & MRS. SMITH, JUMPER and IRON MAN.
Film School at Nu Boyana Studios

VFX Academy 2016 – 2D Compositing Course

Apply now!
Send your CV to before September 25th 2016 and make the first step to becoming a visual effects artist.

#JoinTheDream today!

The course is free of charge.
Its duration is 10 weeks and it begins October 10th 2016.

*The VFX Academy 2D Compositing Course is going to be conducted in Bulgarian language.

Acting for real

Antony Meindl’s Actor Workshop is back with a two-week intensive course at Nu Boyana Film School. Instead of a weekend workshop, this time the participants get two full weeks of hard work with London-based acting coach Cynthia Levin. We sat for a talk with Cynthia – an actor and stand-up comedian to explore the idea behind Meindl’s way of working.

An American in London Cynthia is now embracing her adventure and first visit to Bulgaria.


Cynthia Levin

Cynthia Levin

Hi, tell us first how you feel about coming to Bulgaria?

I’m so excited and looking forward to this. It’s my first time. I have met some Bulgarian actors in London and they are all great. So really looking forward to his adventure.

What should we expect from the 2-weeks AMAW?

It is going to be intensive! We are combining our normal classes once a week for six weeks at AMAW and merge them in the two weeks we got in Bulgaria. It’s a stepping-stone into the actual school and what we do every week at AMAW. We do listening exercises in the beginning. People always say they open them up in a way they’ve never experienced before. It’s ALL about listening.

Filmmakers share their secrets

Nu Boyana Film School is offering something never done in Bulgaria before. The newest course, which begins 25th May, will present a unique opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a producer, production manager, or work at any other position on the film set.

antonio pre

Behind the scenes from Automata

Lecturers at the Film School will be the very best in Bulgaria. Production managers, 1st Ads, location managers, production designers with background in Hollywood and international movies will share knowledge and explain what it takes to become a valued asset to any production. No matter the size of the production (big, low or no budget) planning is crucial to a successful execution and completion of any project.

Breaking down a script and organising a shoot will be part of the curriculum. As the film school is situated on the Film Studio premises, the students will have the opportunity to experience work on set. Another essential point will be the management of a film crew.

The pre-production is the most important part of making a project successful or not. You have to PLAN in order to be successful. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!” comments Nu Boyana CEO Yariv Lerner.

One of the reasons for this course is the exciting opportunity to become part of the Nu Boyana Community and work with international crews.

First draft is done!

The second batch of screenwriters is fresh out of the Nu Boyana Film School ready to conquer the film industry. It has been 8 weeks of hard work but the scripts are done and this stage of the learning process is over. The Master class ended with four full days of intense table reads of the feature film scripts. It was an insightful moment to witness the first drafts coming to life with the help of professional actors.

I’m proud of some parts but I can also see the weak points. It was great to hear actors reading my script.” Andrey Kaludov (student)

The relationship between actors and screenwriters is often neglected mostly due to time issues of film production. The cold reading sessions at the Nu Boyana Film School were the perfect opportunity to introduce two very important sides to creating a story. This interaction gives each of the participants an initial idea of the work ahead until the story is ready to hit production.

Screenwriters Master class Graduation

Avid Training for young professionals

Nu Boyana Film Studios in partnership with Bulcomp Ltd offers an exciting new opportunity for filmmakers and editors. An AVID Media Composer training course that provides the foundation in mastering Avid Media Composer 6.

Nu Boyana Film School 2016: The Commencement

The Screenwriting Master Class mentored by Golan Ramraz kicked off on February 29th. The extra day of this year marked the beginning of the next batch of aspiring filmmakers who have joined the Nu Boyana Film Community.

Do you have a story to tell?

The Screenwriting Master Class, mentored by Golan Ramraz begins on February 29th at Nu Boyana Studios.

A Master Class in Screenwriting will mark the beginning of the 2016 Nu Boyana Film School. This 8-week course will start on February 29th. The most exciting news is the return of Golan Ramraz as screenwriting mentor. Mr. Ramraz is an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter, producer and executive whose impressive body of work includes working on titles such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jumper and Iron Man.

Back with a bang in 2016!

The exciting adventure of movie making for students at Nu Boyana Studios is entering its second year. Nu Boyana Film School gives aspiring moviemakers from all over the world the opportunity to be part of a unique experience to create, learn and participate in the making of a movie.
The various courses at Nu Boyana Film School 2016 will cover all stages of what it takes to bring a story to life – from writing the first outlines of a script to putting the final touches in the editing room. The approach of all mentors is very hands-on. It’s all about the practical side of this industry. Learning by doing.

VFX Academy – 3D Course

Take your first step in becoming part of the film industry and apply now!

If you find the idea of becoming a VFX artist fascinating, probably it is your name that is missing in the end credits of major Hollywood titles.

Join our 3D course featured in our VFX Academy“, where top experts will train you using the best software in the industry.

AMAW workshop at Nu Boyana

One might dislike Shakespeare’s resolution, but there is a grain of truth there. As, it turned out while you study acting you also study living. This is how the participants of Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop (AMAW) at Nu Boyana Film Studios described their two-day transformational experience. The exclusive event on June 27th-28th was organised for the first time in Bulgaria by AMAW and Nu Boyana. It gathered 36 creative individuals willing to upgrade their acting skills. Branches of this #1 Acting studio in LA already exist in Canada, Australia and England. This time Mitchell Mullen, Master Teacher of AMAW London came to Bulgaria to introduce the enthusiasts to the special acting coaching method developed by Anthony Meindl.

Acting Master Class, Nu Boyana, June 2015

Acting Master Class, June 2015

BAR TRICKS wrapped!

A month ago 40 talented, creative and venturous individuals, from all roads of life, gathered at Nu Boyana Film Studios to find out the answer in Making the Movie Class – the second take of Nu Boyana Film School. The Master Class officially started on April, 20th and became a logical extension of the Screenwriting Master class. The international jury chose the student script “Bar Tricks” to be turned into a full feature film by the end of the new movie making adventure. During the six weeks of pre-production and shooting the students, under the guidance of seasoned mentors, were going towards the discovery.

Photo credits: Ves Sarafov. Bar Tricks crew half a way there.

Photo credits: Ves Sarafov. Bar Tricks crew.

MAKING THE MOVIE adventure starts in APRIL

Apply now to and get into the real filmmaking process, turning a script into a movie! Gain hands-on experience in cinematic arts, guided by acknowledged working professionals in the international movie industry. Join Nu Boyana Film School on this exciting MAKING THE MOVIE adventure!

Students on EXPLORE NU BOYANA tour

Even the snowstorm on the first spring days and the mid-class fatigue cannot stop the 26 would-be screenwriting stars from improving their plots. As their Nu Boyana adventure passed its half the scripts are becoming more sophisticated and the fantasy gets wild. But to what extent a screenwriter can set it free? It was time to learn the major difference between writing and screenwriting. The final product of the latter is a movie. Thus it is necessary to acknowledge that whatever is on the paper is possible to be turned into a stunning picture. As their mentor and supporter Golan Ramras was off to the US for two days the students were touring Nu Boyana film studios, to explore how their words turn into moving pictures.